UCO Stormproof Survival Kit

In honor of this very important month, we have released our new Stormproof Survival Kit. The products featured in this kit all center around one of the most important pieces of survival, keeping your core body temperature stable. If you checked out our 10 C’s for Survival post by Dave Canterbury, you’ll know that core temperature control is the number one priority in an emergency situation.

If you’re interested in entering to win a Stormproof Survival Kit, head over to Facebook or Instagram for further details. The contest ends on the 18th at 9pm ET.

As you may know, September is National Preparedness Month. The purpose of devoting a month to preparedness is to raise awareness for all sorts of potential disasters, natural and otherwise. Being in the know and having a plan of action will give you the confidence and know-how to act effectively and efficiently in a time of crisis.

Here’s what’s inside:

UCO Survival Stormproof Match Kit: These matches come in a compact, waterproof case and will stay lit for up to 12 seconds. What makes the matches really essential in a survival situation is that they will not be put out by wind or rain. They will even relight if they are submerged in water, so these matches will help you build a fire in any condition.

Esbit Emergency Stove + solid fuel tablets This emergency stove folds flat for storage and easily expands when you need to use it. The fuel tablets will burn for 12 minutes, enough time for you to boil water for sanitation and again, help keep you warm when you need it.

Mylar Tube Tent: This super compact tent reflects and retains 90% of body heat and fits two adults. A tent like this is essential when negotiating dangerous temperatures out in the wilderness or when there is a power loss. It’s lightweight and packs down to fit in any emergency pack

Here at UCO, your safety and comfort is our priority. Everything we make is geared towards keeping you comfortable and safe. Take a few minutes this month to consider you and your family’s emergency plan. Get prepared!