5 Best Ways to Add the Festive to Your Festivities

1. You just can’t beat the romantic glow of a candle. You just can’t. Bring them in a fancy handmade lantern for even more brownie points.

2. Bring matches. Just do it. You never know what you’ll need to light. A cake, some sage, or a peace pipe.

3. You really can’t go to a party without taking a friend selfie these days, we’ll admit it. But when you AND your buddy’s phones are dead, tap into your car emergency kit, and charge ‘em up with the Pika 3-in-1 Rechargeable Lantern.

4. Be the hero. You know that party guest who is having a really great time and keeps forgetting to keep the front door shut? Be the hero when you find the lost cat, dog, or even ferret with 120 lumens of straight up lighted power.

5. Add Bacon. Obviously.