Titan Wins 50 Campfires Gear of the Year Award

50 Campfires

We’re pretty lit up about our Titan Stormproof Match Kit™ winning the 50 Campfires Award! At the end of every year, 50 Campfires reviews the best gear from the entire year and chooses winners in a number of categories including Wear, Play, Eat, Sleep, and our personal favorite, Fire.

“Over the past year, the editorial team of 50 Campfires has tested, camped, hiked, paddled and plugged in with some of the most amazing outdoor gear on the planet,” said 50 Campfires Director, Nick Grzechowiak. “We’re fortunate that our work overlaps with our play, giving us the ability to go in depth and find the gear that’s been built for your, and our, adventures.” Full details on all of the 50 Campfires Gear of The Year awards can be found at 50Campfires.com.

As purveyors of heat, light and power, and avid outdoorsmen and women, we pride ourselves on providing the tools you need. Winning a Gear of the Year Award in Fire category, from an organization who really knows the industry means a lot to us. We’re also excited that our Swedish sibling brand, Light My Fire, has won an award in the Fire category for their Swedish FireKnife™.

We’re pretty confident in our ability to set you up for a night, week or longer out on the trail. Our Titan Stormproof Matches burn for up to 25 seconds in wind and rain, and we think they deserve a spot in your emergency kit. As we’ve learned from survival experts, keeping your core temperature where it needs to be is essential to survival in tricky situations. Thanks 50 Campfires, we’re honored to receive your award.

See the 50 Campfires inclusion below: