How To Boil Water On a Campfire – Hacks to help you

A key factor in having the best outdoor experience possible is eliminating the hassle of must do camp chores. One of those chores is preparing and purifying water. Of course, there are several ways this can be done. Filters, chemicals, and boiling are all great options, but boiling trumps them all. It is a sure-proof method that will work in warm and cold weather, does not have a chance of breaking like a filter, and can not be used up like chemicals.

Boiling water is an essential skill taught in survival schools around the world. Boiling water allows individuals to purify virtually any water source that they come into contact with. There are several means of boiling that can accomplish this purification method. The best and most viable option is the use of a campfire. A campfire provides a perfect platform due to an abundance of wood, which is primarily available in any woodland environment, give the user endless amounts of heat and fuel.  The campfire also provides the bonus of warmth, a way to cook food, and a sense of enjoyment and security. Another option is the use of a camp stove. A camp stove offers a quick, easy, and efficient boiling method; however, without an ample supply of fuel, the stove renders itself useless.

When it comes to campfire boiling all that is needed is a metal water bottle or pot. This vessel can be easily be placed into the fire and the task of boiling is just about done. All that remains is the wait for the water to reach its boiling point. Once, the water is boiling the dilemma of how to remove the bottle from the fire begins. If tools, such as gloves or pilers are not available, how do we remove a boiling, red hot, metal bottle of water from the fire?

Here are a few hacks to make life easier around the campfire!

Method1: The Spring Stick

  • Find a “Y” shaped branch
  • Cut off below the “Y” shape approximately 1 inch
  • Choose the thinner side of the “Y” and cut it approximately 3 inches up from the crotch of the “Y”
  • Trim the remaining stick of other branches

To use this method, simply remove the stick created and place it into the water bottle. The “Y” will compress as it goes through the bottle opening. Once it is through the opening, the “Y” will then spring open and catch the shoulder of the bottle securing it onto the stick. Now, lift the bottle from the fire.

Method 2: Rope Toggle

  • Cut a straight stick that is wider than the opening of your bottle and slightly smaller than the shoulders of your bottle.
  • Cut a “V” notch into the stick approximately three-quarters of an inch up the stick
  • Tie a piece of rope or twine onto the stick using the “V” notch to hold it in place

To use this method, simply drop the stick into the water bottle. Due to the offset on the stick (hence the “V” notch), the stick will go in and out of the bottle easily. Pull back on the rope allowing the stick to catch the side of the water bottle and simply lift.

Method 3: Tripod

  • Gather three poles approximately 4-5 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter
  • Bundle the three poles together
  • Wrap the rope around the sticks and tie the rope in a knot
  • Take one of the three poles and rotate it 360 degrees (this will add extreme tension to the rope and knot while securing your tripod)

To use this method, situate the tripod over the fire and adjust the legs in or out to give you the appropriate height needed to boil or warm your food and water.  Hang a water bottle or kettle from the tripod using the toggle method mentioned above.